About HRIC


My name is Barbara Voss and HRIC is my company.  I have been working as a recruiter for over 30 years and have invested countless hours refining this business by combining the best of prevailing thought with some innovations of my own.  HRIC is a specialized recruiting business emphasizing personalized service.  When you work with HRIC, you work directly with me.

HRIC specializes in the placement of professionals in Mental and Behavioral Health or Special Education settings throughout the United States.  

HRIC clients include:

ABA Home Based Programs and Clinics

Private and Community Mental Health Programs

For Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Hospitals and Residential Programs



If you are interested in filling a position, the HRIC list of available candidates is representative of some of the excellent people available to join your team.

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If you are looking for a new position, but want to keep your job search confidential, contact me.  The service is free to candidates and HRIC available positions are just a click away.

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